I probably caught this movie as a kid when it aired on ABC in the early 80s, and wow did I love it. I just thought it was so cool and dangerous. I loved the New York Yankees/Baseball gang in the movie and I do remember talking about it with classmates in Junior High. We all loved it. I got this movie on HD-DVD (Yes, HiDef) a few years back and watched it. It was a bit cheesy now…but what isn’t from the 80s :) But I still liked it. I’ll watch it again sometime soon. There was also an Official XBOX Game for the movie a few years ago.
This movie was also pulled early from theatres in 1979 as it was linked to incidents of gang violence and people going out to see the movie. The Warriors 1979 “Warriors…Come out to Playyyyyy!”


The Warriors: Where are they now?